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Probably the best place to view the data is below as at some time in the future I may givee up this web site but will maintain sending data to Weather Underground

My Weather Archive hosted by Weather Undergound



Weather Information

Watlington Weather from my own Local Weather Station ----- updated every 10 mins approx 24hrs a day

My Weather Archive hosted by Weather Undergound

This Archive dates back to August 17 2013 when the Weather Station was set up after moving from Oxford

look back to see what the weather was like on any particular day or week etc

Noticed that Pressure reading was low since Tuesday when Uploading stopped after a Windows 10 update to my little Netbook that was originaly XP-Brave little thing

It restarted ok but Cumulus did not as always

Restarted it and thats when it started to show low pressure - approx 13mb low - Restarted when I noticed and the problem was solved

Unfortunately because of the design of the temperature gauge it does tend to read high in full sunshine but is pretty accurate in all other conditions



Links Below to External Weather Websites


Gardening Weather Forecast for Pyrton Field Allotments

Will it Rain Today


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